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The Grand Circle Island Tour

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A complete package tour specially designed for the first time travelers to make the best
use of their limited time on the Island, customized entirely to your interests. We can pick
you up from your Hotel, Villa or any meeting point for our Tour.
Starting from the Capital Pigadia or your Hotel, Villa or any meeting point, you will follow the
Northern course to Aperi Village, former Capital town of the Island till 1892. You will then
visit Volada Village that is the birth place of the local hero of Karpathos, Christoforos Litos.
Lovers of hiking and trekking can visit Kali Limni 1215m. above sea level, which is the highest
mountain of Karpathos. Heading towards Othos Village at the altitude of 510m. you can visit
an local museum and a work shop gallery.
Your next stop is Pyles Village on the western side of the Island viewing the Island of Kassos
right across and known for the astonishing colors of the sunset. An Agricultural museum
stands just above the entrance of the village. Continuing towards Finiki, the landmark of the
little port that dock with many fishing boats. Next you will visit Arkasa Village, one of the
four powerful towns of the Island. The landmark of the area is the Cape Paliokastro. Nearby
you can find a museum or see the archaeological sites of Agia Sophia. The last stop is
Menetes Village that is constructed on the slopes of the mountain and was build in the
middle age when the pirates ruled the sea around Karpathos. There is an impressive church
of Panagia with an imposing bell tower. Nearby you can find the Folklore museum.
This tour allows you to see Karpathos Villages at your own pace. Get introduced to the
flavors and the culture of the Island, you can taste the local sweets and the traditional food.
It’s a real nature escape journey and it’s highly recommended.

Create your own tour and we will follow.
*4 Hour Tours * 5 Hour Tours * 6 Hour Tours

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