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Pigadia Village is the Capital of Karpathos. The settlement lies around the natural port. In the heart of
this attractive small town, visitors will find all the public services of Karpathos, banks as well as plenty of
Hotels, local shops and restaurants.

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Volada Village is on the green slopes of the mountain with some taverns and amazing viewpoints.
Located center part of the Island, lovers of hiking and trekking can visit Kali Limni 1215m the highest
mountain of Dodecanissa. During the summer season, locals organize nice festivals with traditional
dances and songs. This village is also known for producing excellent Karpathian wine.


Othos Village is the highest village of Karpathos and it is a picturesque, traditional mountain settlement.
Walking around, you will see gardens filled with lemon trees, olives, grapes and blooming bokavilleas.
Othos is also known for it’s fine Karpathian wine. There is a museum, Cafés and taverns in this beautiful


Pyles Village is among the smallest villages of the Island. There you can visit the agriculture museum
which stands just above the entrance of the village. Admiring the fantastic view of Kassos Island along
with the astonishing colors of the sunset. There are cafes and tavern.


Finiki Village is the landmark of the little port that dock with many fishing boats. There are choices of
Hotels, cafes and taverns.


Menetes Village that is constructed on the slopes of the mountain and was build in the middle age
when the pirates ruled the sea around Karpathos. There is an impressive church of Panagia with an
imposing bell tower. Nearby you can find the Folklore museum, bakery, cafes and taverns.


Arkasa Village is one of the four powerful towns of the Island. The landmark of the area is the Cape
Paliokastro. Nearby you can find a museum or see the archaeological sites of Agia Sophia. There are
local shops, Hotels, café and taverns.


Mesohori Village is one of the most beautiful village of Karpathos. There you will hear the traditional
music from the locals, passing down the tradition to the youngsters. The breath taking panoramic view
of the Aegean Sea will leave you speechless. There are Hotels, cafes and taverns available.


Spoa Village is the smallest village in Karpathos with the most filotimo people, in which they love their
village very much. There are old windmills, cafes and taverns that are also famous for their special


Aperi Village  is one of the largest villages of the Island with the finest examples of traditional architecture. During the summer season, locals organize nice festivals with traditional dances and


Olympos Traditional Village  is where our tradition stands strong and where the time has stopped in the
past, you will feel that you stepped back in Medieval times. You can admire the local women who are
wearing their traditional dresses, maintaining with respect and pride, the habits and traditions of their
ancestors. The village is constructed on the slopes of a mountain and frequently covered with clouds.
There are plenty of local shops, Hotels, cafes and taverns.


Diafani Village has the second port of Karpathos Island and it has Hotels, cafes and taverns.

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